Anubis, who is also called Anbu, is the popular jackal headed deity is one of the most influential gods of the ancient Egypt, he is the god of the dead who accompanied the dead kings in the afterworld. Anubis is the son of Nephthys who was the goddess of the air, and Osiris who was the god of the underworld. Anbu means the royal child and it also means to decay.

Anubis The God of dead

Anubis was the god of the dead, cemeteries, and mummifying, he was also the protector of the grave. Mummification was the process of preserving a dead body that was developed by the ancient Egyptians. Ancient Egyptians had religious beliefs that an afterlife exists, and that they had to preserve their bodies and bury their stuff with them to they could use it in afterlife, therefore mummification was common in the ancient Egypt time as they believed it was the way to afterlife. Anubis played an important role in this journey, he was the god of mummification who helped in the process of mummification of the ancient Egyptians dead bodies, he also had an important role in whether the dead kings could enter the afterlife or not, he stood in hall of the two truth to weigh the hearts of the dead kings during the process of judging them which was done by Osiris, Anubis placed the dead kings’ hearts on one side of a scale, where on the other side there was a feather, the results helped in the decision of whether the king could enter or not. Anubis was known to be the right-hand man of Osiris and a powerful ally. Anubis was also known as “The master of secrets” as he was aware and knew what happened after death to the dead bodies, and how was their journey to the afterlife. Not just that, but he was also known as “The dog who swallows million” due to his role as the god of the dead, and also “Lord of the sacred Land” as he controlled the way to the afterlife, last but not least, he was also known as “He who is in the place of embalming” due to his influential role in mummification.

Anubis was characterized by black head of a jackal, as black was the symbol of the Nile fertile soil which is the reason of growing yearly crops, ancient Egyptians believed that black symbolized rebirth and good fortune, meanwhile Jackals symbolized death as they were always around cemeteries searching for any decomposed flesh. Ancient Egyptians wanted to protect the dead bodies from any harm, so by making Anubis the god of dead who had black head of jackal, they had high hopes that their hope could be fulfilled.

Anubis the god of the dead played a big role in the ancient Egypt time, he was the guidance of the dead, the protector of their bodies, the righthand man of Osiris, and the god of mummification. He can be seen in his black jackal head in many artworks, remains, statues from the ancient Egypt time, he can be seen also in a lot of today’s literature and art.

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