Horus who is known as “Hor”, “Her”, or “Heru” in ancient Egyptian is one of the most famous Egyptian gods, he is the falcon-headed god, he appeared as a local god in many places in ancient Egypt, and he is one of the widely spread symbols throughout Egypt, as he is seen on Egyptian airplanes, restaurants, and even hotels. Horus was a god in a falcon form whose left eye represented the moon or evening star, meanwhile, his right eye represented the sun or morning star, both his eyes represented power and healing.

Horus is the son of “Osiris” the ruler of the underworld, and “Isis” who is the goddess of motherhood, magic, and possessed a lot of power, he is the divine child of the holy family. Horus’s name means “Who he is above or who is distant” as he is one of the gods associated with the falcons. When Horus was an infant, “Seth” who was Osiris’s brother and the god of dessert, killed Osiris his father, Isis was worried about her son Hours after Seth has killed her husband, therefore to keep him safe and away from any harm, she hid Horus in the marshland of the Nile, she took good care of him and protected them of any snakes, crocodiles, or any wild animals.

Horus was a strong and powerful ruler, he was told by his mother to protect the ancient Egyptians from the evil Seth, Horus grew up to be strong enough to face any danger, he faced and fought Seth, he fought in many battles against Seth to avenge his killed father, protect Egypt, and to choose the rightful ruler of Egypt. Horus managed and succeed in claiming his inheritance which was the throne of Egypt, he is known to be the first diving king of ancient Egypt. Horus was illustrated as a falcon wearing a cobra crown or the double crown of Egypt, the cobra symbolized royalty and light, it was there to protect the person wearing it from any harm, and to keep him safe.

After the successful conquer with Seth, he restored to order again, and became known as the uniter of the two lands, he ruled wisely, instated again the policies of his parents, he also renovated ancient Egypt, he managed to move ancient Egypt from the phase of chaos to the phase of peace and harmony.

There are several forms of Horus known in ancient Egyptian history which are Horus the elder, Horus the younger, Horus the Behdet, and some other forms. Horus the elder was a form of Horus when he was the son of Nut and Geb, meanwhile Horus the younger was a form of Horus when he was in youth, and for Horus the Behdet it represented the winged son of Horus.

Horus was the first divine king of ancient Egypt, he was a great king who protected ancient Egypt and its people, he was a significant king who was the god of sky and kingship.

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