Ramses II

The great third pharaoh of the 19th dynasty who is Ramses II, is known as the most celebrated, greatest, and powerful pharaoh of the new kingdom. Ramses II reign was (1279 – 13 BCE) which is considered as the second longest reign in the Egyptian history, not also this, but he is also known for his comprehensive building programs, and for the widely spread status of him that is all over Egypt. He is one of the famous kings who ruled Egypt, and his reign was considered as a golden age, he was also a huge influence and a role model for pharaohs who have ruled Egypt, he had the title of “Ruler of Rulers”, he was always known as “Ramses the great” by historians, which shows how great and amazing of a ruler was he.

Ramses II

Ramses II had a vision of building a great and powerful nation, and he managed to succeed into achieving his goal, his 66 years reign is known for being a golden time for Egypt as Egypt was at the top of its power and glory.

Ramses II had great command and effect over the Egyptian army, he managed to lead fierce and strong battles with Syrians, Hittites, and Libyans in order to secure the Egyptian borders against any attacks, he also had fierce battles with pirates in the sea, as he captured sea pirates who were a threat to Egypt’s maritime business. One of the Ramses’s most famous battles is the battle of Kadesh, which was against the Hittite Empire. With all these powerful and fierce battles, it shows how powerful Ramses II was, and how was he capable of leading the army, and ruling the country securing it, and its people. Ramses II managed to make the northern border peaceful by signing a peace treaty, as he abided and signed the first peace treaty in history, which makes him the very first ruler in the world to do this.

Ramses and queen Nefertari

Ramses II had led several programs and expeditions during his reign, he was interested also in architecture, he managed to build a lot of fascinating temples, monuments, structures, and more. One of the most famous temples that he built was Abu Simble temple which is located in Nubia in the southern Egypt, and Ramesseum temple which is located in the Theban Necropolis in the upper Egypt, those temples are characterized by their amazing architecture style, unique design, and a giant Ramses statue which was also considered as a new and one of a kind feature. Ramses II also built a new capital for the ancient Egypt which is known as “Pi-Ramesses”, it had remarkable infrastructure, and massive temples.

Ramses II face recreation, using his mummy found in Egypt.

Ramses II was one of the greatest rulers and king in the Egyptian history who had one of the longest reigns in the ancient Egyptian history, with all of what he had accomplished, and all the fierce battles that he had fought, he truly deserves the title of “Ruler of Rulers” as he was a true leader, and a great king.

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