The Egyptian Pyramids

Egypt and the ancient Egyptians culture is well known for pyramids, there are about 118 unidentified pyramids in Egypt, most pyramids were built as tombs for Egypt’s Pharos, the great pyramids of Giza are the most popular pyramids in Egypt and worldwide, they are considered as one of the world’s seven wonders, they are one of the must-visit sights for both Egyptians and tourists who come to visit Egypt. The great pyramids of Giza have more than 14 million visitors every year, which is considered a massive number, they are one of the most attractive sights to tourists and even to Egyptian citizens.

The Great Pyramid Of Giza

The pyramids were built as pharos believed that there was a lot of stuff that they would need in their afterlife, so they were buried with their stuff and their precious treasures. The great pyramids are from the world’s wonders as till now it is still a mystery how they were built, there is that theory about how thousands of slaves cut large blocks of stones, moving them slowly up the pyramid by the usage of ramps, some scientists believe that the pyramids needed more than 20,000 workers and took about 23 years to be built. Khufu’s great pyramid took about 2.3 million blocks of stone which is about 2.5 tons each in process of building Khufu’s great pyramid, the blocks of stone were cut, assembled, and transported resulting in the building of the overwhelming and magnificent Khufu’s great pyramid.

The pyramids are characterized by their enormous scale, they are considered as the most amazing, magnificent, and mind-blowing man-made structure in history, there
In the deepest part of the pyramid is the location of the pharaoh’s burial with his stuff and treasures, near his location there were other rooms for the burial of the family members of the pharaoh and his servants. With the burial of the valuable and precious treasures of the pharos, they took into account that some thieves might enter and steal those valuables, so traps were created to deceive them, with some false chambers, rooms, and passages, which is considered very interesting yet intelligent of them. Besides their unique scale and structure, they are also characterized by their amazing architecture, pyramids have a monumental structure built with stones which have a rectangular base and four sloping triangular sides that meet at an apex, the pyramid’s architecture was inspired from the mastaba which is a form of the tomb that is were widely known and popular in Egypt at the beginning of the dynastic era. The mastaba has a flat-topped rectangular structure of stone with a shaft that is descending to the burial chamber underneath it.

The pyramids will always remain as a magnificent discovery that is both mysterious holdings many secrets about it, and also breathtaking making everyone who sees it to be amazed, it is impressive and will always remain impressive that how such huge pyramids were built professionally in ancient times, and still standing perfectly till this day.

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